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I observe the visual situations that surround me, which are created by human activity or by nature and which contain some kind of aesthetic quality or problem. I look at these as marks which tell stories of their own formation. They preserve something unknown and hidden which is beyond its own existence.

The way lights and shadows activate a wall as a painterly surface, the way water finds its form as the pavement is drying, or the surface of a billboard as it is destroyed by the weather is what serves as a starting point in my work. These everyday visual phenomena remind me of the process of making art.

My aim is to capture, preserve and recreate these found situations. I materialise them in different media based on the character of the subject. I leave marks on the diverse surfaces by printing, pouring, gesture painting, building and destroying collage-layers, sculpting and by taking photographs.


Through my artistic practices, I look for art in reality and reality in art, which leads to the intersection of art and the aesthetic reflection on everyday visual happenings. The examined spectacle and the depiction becomes interchangeable. With this intermediary approach, my art continuously shifts between art and life..

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Born 1985 in Szolnok, Hungary

Lives  and works in Budapest, Hungary



2015 Jenő Barcsay Prize

2012 József Kiss Prize


2021 -           Hungarian University of Fine Arts,

                     DLA student 

2020 - 2021  Budapest Art Mentor Program

2008 - 2014  Hungarian University of Fine Arts,  

                     Master of Fine Arts in Painting

2004 - 2009  SZTE - Teacher Training College,

                     Art-English Teacher




2024  Leaving Mark, Várfok Project Room, Budapest

2024  Darker Dreams, Hegyvidék Gallery, Budapest

2022  Patterns In Piles, Resident Art Gallery, Budapest

2022  No Palm Tree Grows Under Smooth Sea, (Duo Show

          with Bence Kala) MKE-Profil Gallery, Budapest

2019  Laundries, Art9 Gallery, Budapest

2016  Flow, L-Art Open Studios, Budapest

2014  Törés, Leányfalu-Community Hall, Leányfalu

2011  Nora_skype, Körönd Gallery, Budapest

2010  Scottish lanscapes, Ervin Szabó Library, Budapest


2024 HOUSE OF MINE, East Slovak Gallery, Kosice

         MAGIC OF VISION, Liszt Institute, Brussels

2023 ESSENTIALS, Mansarda Gallery, Temesvár
         MI, TI, ŐK, Esernyős Galéria, Budapest
         MONDVA CSINÁLT DOLGOK, Glassyard Gallery,   

         A FUTÁS IRÁNYA, MKE-DLA, Feszty-ház, Budapest
         WITH FRESH EYES, Galerija Flu, Belgrád
         OUTLINES, Resident Art Gallery, Budapest
         FOLYÉKONY IDŐSZELETEK- Női művészek az MNB

         kortárs gyűjteményéből, Dubniczay-palota, Veszprém

2022 My Obvious Presence, Erika Deák Gallery, Budapest

2021  Explorers 4.0, Exhibition of Budapest Art Mentor,       

          Képező, Budapest

2017  Dislocations, University of Fine Arts, Budapest

2016  A könnyű nap tegnap volt, zim-zum group, Márai

         Centre, Eger

2016  Duma domb, zim-zum group, Gallery of Artist's

          Colony, Szolnok

2016  Jeno Barcsay Prize - Winner's exhibition, Ferenczy 

          Museum Centre, Szentendre

2015  ZoomIn - ZoomOut, zim-zum group, Vármező 

          Gallery, Budapest

2014  RUM, Rum Hotel - pop up, Budapest

2014  Zim-zum vol.3, zim-zum group, University of   

          Debrecen - department of Science, Debrecen

2013  Zim-zum vol.2, zim-zum group, Martfű,Community 

          Hall, Martfű

2012  Zim-zum, zim-zum group, Balassi Hungarian

          Institute, Prague,Czech Republic.

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