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C i t y l i g h t   G e s t u r e s 

City Light Gestures


It was a time when I started to look at everything  in the city which had frames like they were contemporary paintings. The shop windows, billboards and citylights seemed ready-made masterpieces of our time. 


Once I have seen empty city lights at Keleti railway station and I thought it is a rare opportunity to put my transparent gesture paintings onto it and see how they look when there is a strong LED light in the background.

It was very interesting to see how people reacted. Some stepped in front of them and started to analyze them, some just passed by quickly. Since I was inspired by urban life at the time, it was an exciting feeling and experience to make art in the same place where it orininated from.

temporary view, Keleti Railway Station - underground, Budapest, 2016       

/works: acrylic, plexiglass put on empty lightboxes/

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