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Petrified  and  Gradient  Series


The Petrified Series and the Gradient Series are mostly resin "relief like" art objects. They are somewhere between paintings and sculptures. Originally they were not planned, they are one of the results and byproducts of my experimental techniques. The result of the shape of the crinkled  surface is always unknown during the creation.  They are formed by chance, and the stiffened result of the fluid resin. This is a  playful manifest or testimony of our fragile presence which becomes petrified.

The Petrified Series were the first pieces, many of them are made of plaster and are covered with acrylic, and sometimes enamel. Making this series I focused more on the relationship and connection of two colours.

The Gradient Series are made of resin, and the surface is colored by acrylic spray.  This material helps me to create a smooth, dreamlike gradient illusion of colours, lights, and shadows. These works also recall the beautiful colour varieties of the sky at the time of sunsets and sunrises.

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