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Laundry Paintings

Laundry Paintings

After having a moment of awakening while looking at the laundry piles, that were surrounding me in my home, sorted in heaps by colour, I started to look at these piles as if they were three dimensional, monochrome collages, perfect „found sculptures”. To have my own – more permanent – piles, I started to recreate these laundries, and painted my own motifs on them, sticking pieces of my own photographs and found patterns on the surface. This process of recreation led me to the unknown and the unexpected, as the element of chance does not let me foresee the finished form of my sculptures. The vivid colours and the rich and varied patterns are also playful adventures for me during the process of creation. 

During the process of making my sculptures, I did not give up on painting on a flat surface again. I tried to incorporate my "new" experiences with 3-dimensional sculptures. My aim was to create a contrast between the even and ventricose surfaces, just like putting the handmade and the printed qualities next to each other.

Laundry Paintings / 3 x   40 x 50 cm , a

Laundry Paintings  / 3x  40 x 50 cm , acrylic, paper, canvas, 2018

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